NAL greatly appreciates your business, and without you we would not exist.
We respect you and your music, and we trust that you will respect a few essential rules.

1 – Cancellation Policy:
       Over 48 hours notice – No Charge
       Under 48 hours notice – Half Price
       Under 24 hours notice – Full Price
       No Show – Full Price
       (NAL will always try to fill your cancelled rehearsal session with another artist and if we can you will not be charged. Please call NAL as soon as you know that you are unable to attend.)

2 - Customers are responsible for damage to NAL equipment caused by:
    - Incorrect hook-up.
    - Inclusion of own equipment.
    - Excessive force. 
    - Excessive volume.
Effects units, distortion pedals, iPods, keyboards and other electronic equipment may produce frequency signals and output levels outside the safe operation limits of PA and speaker cabinets. Please check with NAL staff to avoid any costly problems.

3 – Monitor your volume levels in order to avoid equipment damage. Please check with NAL staff if you have any questions.

4 – Set-up and breakdown time is within your booked time. Please allow yourself enough time to setup and breakdown your gear without infringing on the next band's time slot.

5 – No smoking inside NAL rehearsal rooms and common areas.

6 – Please clean up and check the room for forgotten items before you leave.

7 – Respect your fellow musician!

NAL Commitment

Our goal is to provide musicians with a professional, clean, affordable, and comfortable rehearsal studio environment. We want you to look forward to coming to NAL, as much as we enjoy having you, and we are here to help you.