Sound is Energy
Sound is Energy
NAL Sound
Since 1993 NAL Sound has been the preferred music rehearsal studio in the Vancouver area. Our 8 dedicated rehearsal rooms are spacious, clean, comfortable, well equipped, and able to meet the needs of local musicians looking for a regular rehearsal space, to top musicians in the industry.

We're Here For You
We offer six standard studios ranging in size from 278 to 380 sq. ft with 12' to 15" ceilings. One deluxe 561 sq. ft studio with drum riser, and our 755 sq. ft. showcase studio with a 12' x 19' 6" stage that is wired for session recording.
Minutes from Vancouver and Burnaby over the Ironworkers Bridge, we are open 7 days a week, offer plenty of free parking, easy load in (no stairs), and we have rental gear available.
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help with anything you need, and all music styles are welcome.

Each studio is equipped with
- Full 800w PA powered by Audio Pro, Mackie, Yorkville, and EV.
- Mixing Console w/FX.
- Two Wizard Classic 4 x 12" guitar cabinets.
- Traynor, Yorkville, or Ampeg 400w bass amplifier.
- Gretsch "Catalina Maple  or Yamaha drums with Gibraltar hardware.
- Shure SM58 or Behringer microphones, stands, and cables.

$22.00 per hour - Rooms 2 thru 8 (278 to 380 sq. ft.)
$25.00 per hour - Room 1 (561 sq. ft.)
$30.00 per hour - Room 10 (755 sq.ft.)

Happy hour special $18.00 /hour, Monday to Friday 3:00 6:00pm (Rooms 28 only)
Student special $15.00 /hour, Monday to Friday 3:00 6:00pm (with valid student ID)
Drummer only - $12.00 /hour, based on availability.

Monday-Saturday: Afternoon - Midnight
Sunday: Noon - 10pm
(Earlier rehearsal times available by appointment.)